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.sweet rendezvous

Weeks ago I spotted this unique batik frame created by my friend, Amesh, my old colleague in CosmoGIRL! magazine. I fell in love and purchased it instantly. Of course I bought the fuchsia one, my favorite color (left hand side).

Some conversations later, she said that she’d like me to create a couple of cross stitches for her next project. So here are the first batch, which I forgot to take picture.

And here are the second batch, which, I also forgot to take picture 😛 This time it’s attached to one of her pillow creation. Very nice. To make it even nicer, the pillow is in fuchsia. Hooray.

*should i also buy the pillow?

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.an italian dream

Hubby went to Frankfurt and Italy for a business trip yesterday. How I wish I could squeeze myself into his travel case! Going to Italy is one of my biggest dreams.

Why? I love the language. It’s not sexy but it’s seductive. I love the food. It’s too good to be true. I love the ancient buildings. It’s so beautiful, I can spend hours just looking at the pics. And this love can go on and on.

Hubby and I like to imagine living in Italy. No work, no pressure. We can go on a picnic everyday, watching Josh playing with nature and eating homemade food. Okay, maybe that’s too much but hey, people can dream 🙂 And this simple Picnic-tastic Placemats from team DIY will be a very good companion for our lovely family picnic, don’t you think?

*when are we going to move to Italy, hubby?

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