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.a simple celebration

Today is my baby’s birthday. Really can’t believe that he’s ONE year old now. I guess time really flies. I still can remember the day he was born and the day we took him home from the hospital. Since that day, smile is always in my heart.

No fancy party. Just a simple birthday cake with Mickey Mouse decoration and standard voices from me, hubby, mom-in-law and Josh’s nanny singing Happy Birthday 🙂 Humble but I think Josh enjoyed it better than if he celebrated his birthday with people that he’s not familiar with.

God bless you always, baby – no matter how old you are, you will always be my baby 🙂 Mama and papa love you so much. We’re wishing you another years of laughter, joy, fun, love and happiness.

*happy birthday, sayang!


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.hello sunshine :)

Finally, no rain for today. Yet. After days of rain, wind and thunders, the sunshine is back! So now it’s time for me to enjoy my Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, that has been neglected because of the cold weather.

And all I need is a new Marian Keyes (one of my favorite authors) novel, The Brightest Star in The Sky and Alessi Ice Cream Bowl with Heart Spoon. Perfetto.

*maybe an additional thin crust mushroom pizza will make this evening even better…

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.oh no!

Exactly one week before his first birthday, Josh got chicken pox!

Dua hari pertama batuk pilek so we thought it was only a common flu. Tapi di hari ketiga, tiba-tiba muncul bintik-bintik merah di seluruh tubuh including his face. Poor baby. Hari itu juga kita ke dokter and she confirmed that it was chicken pox.

Bubar sudah semua rencana ultahnya. Untung kita baru bayar DP sedikit untuk tempat pestanya. Entah mau diundur atau dicancel masih belum tau. Untungnya si kecil ini ga demam, jadi dia tetap ceria meskipun badannya polkadot 😀

Don’t worry, baby. We’re still going to celebrate your birthday though only at home. Papa’s already ordered the cake and we’re going to buy your present(S) this weekend. Oh, I wish I had this cute birthday hat from ginghambunny.

*oh, well, will be cursing the one who infected my baby. whoever that was!

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